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This means that if you write a check on a closed account or even write it on an account where there are insufficient funds, you can be charged criminally.

The charge you face depends on the value of the check passed.

Credit card fraud – Using a credit card or debit card that you know has been canceled or expired or using a card that belongs to someone else without the person’s permission.

Merely possessing a card that doesn’t belong to you with the intent to use it is enough for a fraud charge.

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However if you are involved in more than one violation of this law within a period of 90 days, your charge could be elevated as high as a 4A fairly recent law, identity fraud has grown incredibly over the last two decades.

They’ll use signed checks, credit card receipts, credit applications or even your Internet address if the fraud was committed online.

You can be charged with fraud-related offense if the police suspect you have done any of these:1.

Check forgery – Stealing an unsigned check from someone else for the purpose of passing it as yours, even without actually passing it.

Or filling in, signing and passing a check that does not belong to you, without the owner’s permission.


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