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You can also share the material to help your friends or family who you feel could also benefit from it.

Anyone seeking long-term results and transformation knows that repetition is key, because repetition creates habits, and habits create lifestyles.

And for those of you nursing a broken heart, or feeling resigned because of multiple disappointing relationships, we’ve been there too and we want you to know that all of our experts also are offering solid advice for healing and resolution.

Not only that, but our phenomenal Success Stories—interviews with women who met their beloved Soulmates after the age of 40 or 50 (or close to 60!

I’m completely aligned, and every day the questions I have seem to come up in the panels and seminars. The information is priceless and you both are fantastic! “I am surprised at the sense of opening I am feeling once again as I listen to the speakers in this course. I love your questions, the way you listen and back-track to clarify things, ground them down and make them useful. And so if you seek a deeper romance, it serves to embody the goddess Aphrodite. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure…” is considered an anthem for a contemporary generation of seekers.

Today I was having a beautiful massage when I began to see and hear my Beloved speaking to me! Now I feel I am not only calling to him, but he is calling to me! next a dear man that I had a crush on numerous years ago just contacted me here on FB and wants to get reacquainted—is that too funny or what?! I also love all of your funny and real comments – like your utilitarian underwear – we can all relate! W “Just wanted to let you know how incredibly awesome your Art Of Love Seminar is. The speakers are all amazing and sharing content that is new, insightful, useful and brilliant. In order to become her, however, you must approach her with reverence and love. Her latest work, Women are out in the world doing amazing things on a daily basis, but overdoing disconnects us from our powers of intuition, pleasure, and sensuality, and our ability to receive love.

By attending this series in full, you will receive the tips, tools, and techniques you need in each of these 5 areas: If other approaches to attracting ‘The One’ haven’t worked for you, and if you’ve had trouble up until now attracting and sustaining a great love in your life, it could be because the approach you’ve used is an incomplete one—you haven’t gotten the full set of keys you need to help you make the really significant break-throughs.

Your obstacles to manifesting your soulmate may have to do with unresolved issues in any one (or more than one) of these 5 areas…

Investing in the recordings of the event will help support your continuous journey of learning and growth.In fact you’ve already taken a meaningful first step to manifesting the love of your life by registering for this event.Yet we also know that putting into practice all the new skills and tools that you’ll be learning doesn’t happen instantly, which is why we suggest you dedicate time every day to focusing on and prioritizing your love life.Access to the seminars will be available at no charge from Friday, November 4th at 9am Pacific Time, through 9am Pacific Time on Sunday, November 6th.**IMPORTANT**: If you don’t have the time to take advantage of this ALL ACCESS event, or if you simply want to enjoy the option of listening to the entire Series again and again, we’re excited to announce a Special Offer: Right now, you can own your own digital copy of the entire series library for 50% off when you take action before Midnight Pacific Time on Wednesday, November 9th.We’ve invested a lot of time, energy and care into bringing you the very best information and guidance from the world’s most experienced and qualified experts—and we’re sure that, taken together, they will provide you with the full set of keys that will unlock your destiny in love.


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