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Contact my Hermes For my Hermes shippers and my Hermes parcel recipients please find the best contact options below: If you have a general enquiry please contact us on web chat or email To speak to one of our advisors about your delivery or collection please call us on Our team of advisors are available to answer your questions between the hours of 8am-8pm Monday to Friday and 8am-6pm on weekends.

If you ordered your parcel through a retailer who are using Hermes to deliver, the best and quickest way to resolve your enquiry is to contact your retailer directly using their Contact Us pages.

It took hours of phone calls to rectify basic problems.

Once I had a really nice chap who managed to sort out a few things.If a customer cannot use our services for three days or more, we will refund that proportion of line rental.’The employee says: 'All Vodafone cares about right now is the net promoter score.Staff are rated on this survey it sends out after a call or web chat.On Mondays, Team Leaders use our custom-built reporting software to assess the quantitative performance of our customer support agents.Our Team Leaders assess key performance indicators (KPIs) that are critical to the overall performance of live chat and KPIs that are important to specific clients and the service that we provide to them.He gave me his name and extension but when I asked to speak to him again I wasn't allowed and then he left, allegedly.''However, it is one hell of a bumpy road with it seemingly unable to land anything well.' Writing in a post entitled 'There is a better life' he continues: 'Number porting was a mess and numbers were being lost...customer service is atrocious, staffing levels are too low...management will use action plans to try and get performance as opposed to understanding why things are not landing.


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