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Many companies and people create facebook page for their own publicity.

Suppose your company has 100 products and they want to maintain 100 facebook pages, then isn’t it very difficult to update status all of the pages manually?

If you want to publish photos/videos on page wall then you’ve to click Page Wall Update and to accept those permissions.

Now write a script that will update your facebook page status or publish wall post: //filename: include_once "config.php"; $facebook = new Facebook($config['api_key'], $config['secret_key']); $status = "Sample Status"; $pageid = XXXXXXXXX; //replace it by your desire facebook page id try catch(Exception $o ) /*if you want to publish wall post in facebook page, then you have to use another method and remember for this method call you've set your user id and session key, here i just shown how to publish status using stream_publish method, but you can also publish video, image as wall post using stream_publish method $user = your user id and $session_key = your facebook session key, you can obtain them by $user = $_REQUEST['fb_sig_user']; $session_key = $_REQUEST['fb_sig_session_key']; And don't forget to save them in database, because you'll need them when you will use from offline */ try catch(Exception $o ) Now run in browser: check the page, you’ll see you facebook page’s status updated.

Is it not better to take time to build your Instagram following the right way?

At first you’ve to setup a new facebook application.

Some varies from 5% – 50% depending on what product one sells.

Other affiliate offers come in form of collecting leads or taking surveys by users.

On June 8, we published a revised version of our Plugin Terms of Use.

Your continued use of the Linked In Plugins means you agree to these revised terms, so please take a few minutes to read and understand them.


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