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2) Sex has to be learned, it’s not like breathing or blinking.So if two people have never had sex and they decide to start having sex, it might not be much fun at first.This combination leads to curious kids who don’t really know where to go for good answers. I’m 18 and about to graduate from high school and quite frankly all I really know about sex is what I’ve seen from movies.

Before I go on I want to add that I have a normal family and very normal parents.

Also, you didn’t mention same sex attraction, so I’m going to assume you are talking about sex between women and men: 1) You can read all about sex, and have lots of conversations, and feel like an expert.

But until you’re actually having sex on a regular basis, a lot of what you learn or hear won’t really be helpful or make sense.

Not only does it create trust between you and your kids but it prepares them to be functional teens and adults.

I know this probably isn’t the kind of email you want to read but I thought that you could answer it with keen insight.


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